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The Colours


A full colour chart is available showing all colours across the range although an in-store is the best option as we have all colours of paint for you to see.

For the best way to discover the range is in store for all the help and advice to get you started.

Frenchic Paint.... The Range


Sugar soap... your go to starting product to Clean and de-grease, then sand.

Brushes for painting, for waxing, stencilling and more. These brushes will give you optimum results.

The Paints & Finishes

Frenchic al fresco

Al fresco can be used indoors and outdoors, its durable. Self levelling and self priming...easy peasy!


Waxes, in clear, white, browning and defining each achieves a different effect.They are soft and easy to apply


Lazy Range, indoor only its self levelling and priming and also contains a wax this can be buffed up further once painting is complete


Finishing coat. a sealing product also adds a soft shine


The Original, typical chalk paint, will be porous until a finishing product added such as wax or finishing coat


Trim paint. for skirting board and woodwork where a more satin finish is preferred this is a great option

Wall Paint


Chalk wall paint in a small range of colours, is a chalk matt finish with great coverage.

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